Was denken die Amerikaner über ihren Präsidenten?

Vor ein paar Tagen bekam ich eine Mail von Freunden aus den USA. Neben Neuigkeiten aus dem Leben und dem üblichen small talk enthielt diese Mail eine sehr gravierende Aussage, wie dieses schwule Paar über ihren Präsidenten denkt. Hier die entsprechende Passage:

„Our unemployment rate is the highest it has been in many, many years. Thanks to our stupid Frikkin‘ President, G.W. Bush. Our President is the USA’s answer to your Hitler — and I feel he is actually much worse than Hitler could ever have been. Bush should be tried for War Crimes and executed — for he unilaterally invaded a Sovereign Nation with absolutely no cause. Other than, he wants to have control of all of the oil in the world, so he and his family and friends can reap millions and millions of dollars from his plundering. The only two Nations that had the Dick and Balls to stand up to him was France and your Germany — and it makes me want to move to Germany even more now than ever. If we could possibly find a place to live and could get the necessary passports, we would probably seriously consider moving to Germany and living on our retirement incomes.“

Ob dies die Meinung des grössten Teils der Amerikanischen Bevölkerung ist weiss ich nicht. Aber es macht Hoffnung.

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